Bodywork during tough times

During a crisis, we tend to contract in on ourselves, tightening our shoulders and hunching over from stress, or go into overaction and find ourselves off centered and overextended. 

When pocketbooks tighten during an uncertain job market, one of the first things that many people drop is self-care. We exercise less, eat more junk food, and skip out on “extra” expenses like bodywork. Saving money by making such changes exacerbates crisis. Our bodies react, the financial stress becomes embodied in us.  

Our bodies reflect our emotions. Negative feelings, stress, and trauma become stored in our bodies and are expressed as muscle tightness, fatigue, or illness.  

For these reasons, tough times should mean a time for more bodywork, not less. There is a growing recognition that supporting the local economy helps all of us — why not then give support to yourself and our local community by receiving a bodywork session or enrolling in a series?