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"I see Ishmael regularly for PTSD treatment, and the results are nothing short of miraculous. His energy work gently shows my body/mind what life is like without PTSD; it's so beautiful, far better than I would be able to imagine on my own! Profound insights and visions come easily during our sessions, and cause deep change in me every time. It's always very positive, drawing me toward happiness instead of focusing in on the trauma, and it always feels soothing and pampering. I get to just lie back and enjoy the ride, and who would have expected effective PTSD treatment to be pleasurable? Ishmael is sweet, compassionate, and a wonderful listener. I feel completely safe with him and he's always genuinely delighted with my progress. I am astounded by the difference in my life since I started working with him, and I cannot express how fortunate I feel to have found him. He is such a gift to the world, and I hope that many, many others will be fortunate enough to experience the beauty of his healing."

--Erica, Easthampton

"Ishmael listened to my body with sensitivity and offered the support, both physical and emotional, for a healing experience. We explored old energy blocks and injuries that I had never revisited, despite my desire to do so. He is by far the most talented practitioner I have experienced in my 39 years, and this includes many talented bodyworkers."

--Tanya, Plainfield

"I have had four or five sessions with Ishmael. They were all very different. His healing touch ranged from a light, deep still holding and unwinding of my nerves and connective tissues, to an intense cleansing organ massage where I literally danced around his massage table. I could trust Ishmael in feeling, body and mind. I was able to move through old patterns, releasing obsolete fears and tensions that I had not dared to let go of before then. I felt the changes from the work he did with me immediately and also over time. I am still living with what I learned. I do not feel it was just pampering and yet the experience at the time was deeply relaxing. I slept well afterwards."

--Jocasta, Haydenville