One-hour bodywork sessions are clothes-on, on a massage table. My touch may range from light and subtle to deep tissue repatterning, depending on your needs. Here are a couple of the many methods that I apply:

Borrowing from Body-Mind Centering, I tune into the craniosacral rhythm, that is, the ebb and flow of the fluid residing in the brain and spinal cord. I unwind the fascia, giving support to the connective tissue; if it's constricted, I help release it to a natural, effortless posture. 

Using the Chi Gung dissolving method, I match the tone of my hands with that of the body, inviting the energy to soften and melt. This allows the energy to expand outward and then dissolve. Used in hands-on bodywork, dissolving brings added awareness to areas lacking in sensation, freeing energy to flow easier through body, reducing pain and stress, and bringing greater relaxation.  

Integral Somatic Bodywork is a versatile practice. It addresses injuries by reducing inflammation, facilitating healing, and repairing muscle tears. It alleviates chronic pain by relaxing the nervous system, easing the movement of blood and lymph to open up congested areas, and loosening constricted tissues. 

Over time, my clients experience less stress because their nervous systems shift to a more relaxed and present space. My clients learn not to react to old patterns and daily stressors, but to naturally rejuvenate, sleep better, and be more present in daily activities.


One-hour private session:
$100 - $75 sliding scale.

Special offer for new clients: $100 total for your first two private sessions.

Call (413) 320-7254 to schedule a session or for information about classes.