Definitions for healing

Bringing together Body-Mind Centering, Taoist energy arts, integrative acupressure, chi gung tui na, and other somatic methods, Ishmael developed Integral Somatic Bodywork. Here are some terms to provide further insight into the practice.

Integral | Unifying fields of knowledge dealing with the body, mind, heart, and soul. Recognizing that the mind and experiences are reflected in the body, attention can be given to facilitate increased awareness allowing for more choices and expanded consciousness of the body-mind. 

Somatic | From Greek, somatikos, 'of the body'. Somatic education is the study of the body through the personal experiential perspective.

Tui na | The therapeutic bodywork system of China, which is considered to be of a higher level than ordinary Chinese massage (known as ammo). Included within its therapeutic interventions are acupressure, bone setting, and joint and vertebral manipulations, along with deep tissue myofascial, craniosacral, tendon and ligament work, and internal organ/gland realignment and rebalancing. When combined therapeutically with chi gung, it is called chi gung tui na.  (Definition from